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Makeup shaming needs to stop

Makeup shaming is sadly a real thing and some men and women are finding pleasure in doing so. Being shamed for wearing makeup is something that women are facing everyday in our extremely hurtful way to break down someone’s self worth.

Makeup shaming Privileges natural beauty and makes those who wear makeup feel guilty. I believe that women must be allowed to have the freedom to decide what to do with their faces without being judged.

Women who wear makeup should have the freedom to do so without being judged by men or other women who prefer to go natural. Makeup shaming dictates something which should entirely be a personal choice. We dont only use makeup to change the way we look and hide any imperfections, makeup gives us so much is fun and makeup is very therapeutic.

Makeup is an art that can empower us and transform us into pretty much anything we want. We are entitled to use it in whatever way we see fit without having to deal with anyone else’s opinion.

Makeup is an art and can empower us and transform us into pretty much anything we want.

​If you like wearing a bit of makeup or you dont wear any at all...lets unite and say no because everyone is free to do what they want. Makeup shaming is bullying, the next time you criticise someone on their makeup decisions, you are actually bullying them....remember that and just focus on yourself because bullying usually highlights insecurities or unhappiness in your own life. And if you are a man that criticises women and their makeup....stop it right now cause you have no idea of why we wear it but be rest assured, we are not wearing it to impress you....and that is a fact.

Women who wear makeup are certainly not deceiving men unless the man is not smart enough to think that women are born with red or bright pink lips and gold/green eyelids.

Looks like women are still being oppressed....we are in 2019 kani nhai veduwe....tisiyei tipode zvatada.

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