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Lyinetty Janhi


Hallo there, My name is Lyinetty Janhi. l am the founder of the Ruby Lyn Makeup Artistry. 

My aim is to make sure that all the Ruby Lyn makeup products are created to perfection. High quality and high pigmented products that every woman will fall in love with. My joy comes in seeing women feeling confident, loving and admiring themselves after a makeover. l believe that every woman is beautiful and makeup enhances their natural beauty. 

Makeup is fun and it can be very therapeutic. l love makeup and i love creating it. They call me Ruby Lyn or The Makeup Lady. 

 When a lady sits in my beauty chair, i make sure that they do not leave the chair with just a beautifully painted face. 

At Ruby Lyn, we sell more than just makeup. We sell confidence, we sell strength, we sell beautiful, we sell motivated, we sell self esteem. We empower women. We encourage women to know what they want and not be afraid. 

I am Fadzi, i am a makeup artist, i love what i do and i strongly believe that every woman is beautiful. Be fearless, be bold be strong and most of all, love yourself. 


Fadzai Masukume

Makeup Artist

My name is Fadzai Rackel Masukume, They call me Fadzi.

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